Just a Bit Obsessed

Just a bit obsessed by Alessandra Hazard


Alexander Sheldon likes order and control in his life. He isn’t happy when his girlfriend invites another guy for a threesome. Alexander believes in monogamy, and he’s never been good at sharing his things. It doesn’t help that Christian rubs him the wrong way from the beginning.

But what starts as animosity turns into something else. Something unexpected and very wrong.

He was never supposed to touch Christian. He was never supposed to feel possessive of the guy. And he most definitely wasn’t supposed to want Christian more than he wants his girlfriend.

It’s a recipe for disaster.


This is the second installment in the straight guys series. It was about Alexander Sheldon, Christian and in some cases Mila. Christian is Shawn’s bisexual best friend from Just a bit twisted. He is also gorgeous and very charismatic. Christian and Mila are in Professor Rutledge’s class together. She has a proposition for him, a threesome with her boyfriend Alexander he accepts. Christian has had a crush on Alexander for awhile.

Alexander is very uptight runs his own company and is the perfect boyfriend. Mila wants for nothing so in your head you think, girl what is wrong with you? I am still wondering that as I am typing this. But she does and in comes Christian. From the very beginning of this little thing Alexander was uncomfortable because he is not gay and on top of that Christian is just too much. He tries everything he can to get under Alexander’s skin because he thinks he’s too perfect.

“Yeah I don’t mean his looks. I mean his personality. Sure, he has a few quirks, but other than that, he’s so damn calm, reasonable, rational, and…and perfect. His face betrays nothing. Its just not normal.”

Alexander doesn’t know what to do with the new feelings that he has for Christian.

The story starts off with the threesome so I kind of have to get into the story after that because I like my stories to have a little sexual burn. But that was a little minor setback. If you Don’t like threesomes you might want to skip this one because there are two in total although Mila is kind of background noise in the second. The first threesome turns into two and then everything spirals out of control. Feelings become involved and Alexander isn’t as “straight as he thought. It turns into a gay for you romance one of my faves.

“This thing…it stripped me of all control. I felt like-like a man possesses. Like he’s mine. And no one but me can touch him. See, its obsession, not love.”

Christian isn’t as laid back as he thought either. I like the two of them together it felt real like this could actually happen. It is the perfect gay for you romance. Reason number 10,000 not to have a threesome in a committed relationship when the other person is totally against it, lol. I give this book a 4.5 because I love GFY.  What is your favorite gay for you?  Let me know in the comments below? Until Next Time.

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