Just a Bit Wrong

Just a Bit Wrong is about Tristian DuVAl who is Gabriel’s adoptive brother and Zach Hardaway a physiotherapist who is Jared’s friend. You may remember them from the previous book if not here is my review. Tristian is just as terrible as Gabriel but worse. He is manipulative and beautiful so everyone loves him, When people get to close he hits them where it hurts emotionally to break them he is really screwed up. Tristian has a groin injury and he needs a personal physiotherapist to help him to get back into shape. Jared recommends Zach who is the best in the business his services are booked months in advance. Tristian is not happy because Zach does not fall for his cute puppy dog routine and he is really strict with him.

“The puppy-dog-eyes look. It doesn’t work on me. I have five younger siblings. I’m immune to that shit.”

Zach is about to get married to his longtime girlfriend and best friend Donna in about three months. He and Donna have an open relationship due to her job and the fact that they are not really jealous people. Weird I know. Zach has never been with a man doesn’t find them attractive and is really confused that he wants Tristian the way that he does. Tristian is explained to be very androgynous so I can see the appeal.

“…And objectively, you’re the prettiest guy I’ve every seen.”

Messy brown hair, high cheekbones, flawless warm-colored skin, full lips and blue-green eyes.

Zach tries his best to stay away from Tristian. It isn’t just the sex that is bothering him, because lets face it he isn’t cheating is he? His fiancĂ© is allowing him to sleep with other people. No the thing that is bothering him are the feelings that he is getting for Tristian.

This book is just like its namesake Just a bit wrong Tristian and Zach are just wrong together. But sometimes two wrongs make a right and that’s the case with these two. The sex was good and steamy and plentiful. The story line was fun and sometimes sad but it was worth the read.

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