His Boy


For years, I lived with him as roommates. Then, one fateful night, things changed. We became more. So much more. The sex was out of this world. Being his boy was the highlight of my day. Until feelings started to creep in and sex wasn’t enough for me. Afraid of losing him, I kept quiet and hoped for a miracle… Could my Daddy love me, too? Or would I continue to be his boy… his play toy?

Bink Cummings is a new author to me and I will probably give another book a shot. Probably. Let me gush about His Boy first before I tell you what didn’t work for me and why that probably has been inserted instead of a definitely.

So here’s my gushing. Asher is described as a geek with half sleeves of wolverine and ironman tattoos. I was so in love with the idea of him it helped me to decide on my next tattoo. YAY!

“…I’ve folded up my forearms to show off my Iron Man half sleeve on one side and the Wolverine one on the other. They’re kind of bad ass if I do say so myself.”

He is a bit of a cry baby if you ask me though he cried because Justin was taking him too a fancy restaurant and he’d was never taken on a date before. I mean who the hell does that?

Looking him straight in the eye, I beg, “I don’t want to go, Daddy. Please don’t make me.”

But it was still fine with me because he was a very endearing character. I loved the relationship between him and his best friend Carrie they were hilarious together.

Now onto Justin the big “daddy” fireman” Yum. I really liked his character he was as bossy as he was sweet. Those two things really turned him into a likeable guy. The chemistry and the sex between the characters was great.

Now onto why I wasn’t that impressed. I hate when a story is about a couple and the ending isn’t. Not really. It turned out to be more about Sophie than Asher and Justin.


Come on why do that? if you wanted to put her in the story the least you could have done was to introduce her in the beginning or the middle so that she was along for the ride. Unfortunately the author did none of those things so we were forced to read about a third person for the ending and not the blissful kinky relationship that we wanted them to continue. I wish that the author would write a book about Bonez because he was amazing and I want that story like NOW!

Would I recommend this book? Yes mainly for people who like “Daddy” kink and for others who want to get out of their comfort zone a little. What is your favorite daddy kink book? Let me know in the comments below. Until Next Time.

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