Some Kind Of Magic

Some Kind Of Magic by R. Cooper


Being a police detective is hard. Add the complication of being a werewolf subject to human prejudice, and you might say Ray Branigan has his work cut out for him. He’s hot on the trail of a killer when he realizes he needs help.

Enter Cal Parker, the beautiful half-fairy Ray’s secretly been in love with for years—secretly, because while werewolves mate for life, fairies…don’t. Ray needs Cal’s expertise, but it isn’t easy to concentrate with his mate walking around half-naked trying to publicly seduce him. By the time Ray identifies the killer—and sorts out a few prejudices of his own—it may be too late for Cal.


Ray Branigan or “Ray Ray” as Cal calls him. Ray is a werewolf cop and he is also the mate of a man named Cal Parker,a fairy. He is a homicide detective and used to work for Cal’s father. He is very attracted to Cal and the mate pull is extremely strong but he is denying himself because fairies are said to be promiscuous. Werewolves mate for life so the two should never work in Rays mind.

Cal Parker is a half fairy his father is a human and his mother is a fairy. He has little wings that flutters around and shimmers glitter around everywhere that he goes. Fairies eat nothing but candy and sugary things so they are never standing still. Cal is head over heels in love with Ray and doesn’t really understand why ray is the way he is towards him. In fact he feels that Ray actually hates him. But he never gives up. Cal and his best friend benny the witch are consultants for the department helping them to close cases on paranormal involvement. The two of them are hilarious together.

What I loved about this book was that it was about shifters and fairies I mean come on Rays partner is a siren goodness sake. I was in paranormal heaven. The second part was the dynamic between the town partners benny and Cal and Ray and Penn . They were hilarious with the back and fourth banter. My final reason for giving this book a 5? rays description of the way Cal smells. I know that sounds weird but really.

Rays reports sometimes shimmered and smelled like double rainbow orgasmsdouble rainbow


Sweet, Sweet strawberry, mixed with the clean warm scent of him and that want/need/want that never went away around Ray.

I mean really they are all through this book. I started to search the book for description of smells.  The sex wasn’t very prevalent in this book but after reading several of R. Cooper books I think sex is more a build up think the main course with this author. And I l like it. You get a steamy sex scene but it is just one. So if you like paranormal and double rainbow orgasms give this one a try. What is your favorite gay fairy werewolf romance? Let me know in the comments below. Until Next Time.

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