Maverick’s Mate

Maverick’s Mate by Lynn Hagen

So I re-read this and ummmm… When I first read it I gave it a 3.5 I didn’t leave any notes as to why but that’s what it got. This time I am going to give it a 3. Here’s the blurb.


Maverick Brac has formed a pack of his own, naming them the Brac Pack. With fourteen men under him, they all have one thing in common, the preference for men.

Cecil Walter was living a life no one would wish on their enemy in an abusive relationship with his partner with no way out.

Getting away from pack problems and a migraine, Maverick indulges in his one secret love, Chai tea. While in the coffee shop trying to forget the world outside exists for five minutes, Maverick has found what he never thought to have, his mate, his very human mate. Rescuing Cecil from his abusive boyfriend to finding out who in his pack is trying to take Cecil’s life, Maverick has his work cut out for him, but the largest challenge is getting Cecil to come out of his shell and be the man he once was.


Maverick  is the alpha of the brac pack he is a timber wolf and the largest in existence. He left his other pack with his best friend Kota and began to pick up other gay wolves along the way. That is how the Brac pack started. Now Cecil is his mate whom he meets at a coffee shop. Well meet is stretching it a bit I would say this is what happened.

So it gets really weird after that unlike most shifter series where they try to woo their mate or something Maverick does something strange and confusing.


Cecil starts to really get on my every loving nerves with his yes no routine very early on. It takes me awhile to get to like him. He decides to mate with Maverick but wont move in with him, because that is too fast.  Really?

“You will be tied to me. Forever. Its stronger and deeper than marriage between humans. It can’t be broken”.
“Yes. I’ll bind with you Maverick…”
“I’m not moving in with you.” was the giant man insane?

WHAT!? He was a big ole bowl of fruit loops. His personality began to evolve after awhile.

I’m surprised how little I liked this given how much I like the series as a whole. I thought going back I would have given it a 5 for sure. Cecil is one of my favorite characters in all of the books and even in some of the demon warrior books. Maverick is a staple in all of the other books as well I am just disappointed that I didn’t like it more I guess. I mean I liked it just not 5 stars. Wish me luck with pretty baby. Until Next Time.

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