Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby Brac Pack#2


Hawk Magnar, commander of twelve sentry wolves, never thought he’d discover his mate in a hospital for an anxiety attack. Under the illusion he was going to comfort a young child the alpha’s mate, Cecil, had befriended, he finds a man who needs more protection than even anyone realizes.

Treated as a simpleton all his life, Johnny Stone has never had anything to call his own – until he meets Hawk.

Hawk must keep his emaciated mate safe from a sadistic brother while teaching Johnny to trust him. Hawk is quickly running out of time to convince Johnny that he isn’t out to hurt him when his mate inadvertently starts the mating ritual. Will Johnny give Hawk the trust he needs to bind them together or suffer the consequences that fate’s wicked sense of humor has unleashed?

Hawk is the commander which is the third in command to Maverick. If you have read the first in the series you know that Maverick is the Alpha to the Brac Pack.

Hawk is big and In intimidating. He exuded power and authority. His body mass ate up oxygen. Long, blue-black hair ran down his back in a plait, and he had eyes so green they resembled the color of tourmaline gemstones.

How sexy does Hawk sound? Don’t you want one? Anyway, Hawk is feared by the other warriors in the compound. In comes Johnny a.k.a Pretty baby. Johnny is the sweetest thing you have every read about. He is one of the guys that Cecil goes to visit down at the center. Johnny is said to be mildly retarded although he doesn’t agree with that diagnosis.

When Johnny and Hawk meet Johnny is severely malnourished due to years of abuse. He has suffered both physical and mental abuse from his brother. Hawk and the rest of the house feel the need to protect Johnny and fatten him up.

The love that these two have for each other is instant and well sort of weird

” why do I want to curl up like a pill bug and lick your face?” Johnny asked.

Their meeting was weird and sweet so naturally I liked it. I picture their meeting going like this

Johnny has a childlike quality to him that makes you want to hug and squeeze and protect him. I really like this but I only gave it a 3, some points were just too weird.  Did you get a chance to read it? What’s your favorite gay shifter romance? Let me know in the comments below.  Until Next Time.

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