Mated by K.C. Beaumont


Tobin is one of the youngest members of his pack, about to celebrate his 18th birthday. Once he reaches the age of 18, he earns the right to challenge his Alpha, Foster, for his position. Unless, of course, Foster finds a mate first.

SHIFTERS!!!!!!!! This is another one of my go to rut books. Now to me this was a slightly unusual concept with the same shifter undertones if that makes any sense, lol. it is a older alpha wolf romance.  I think if you read as many shifter book as I have you will get what I am talking about. So let’s see what we got here. We have Foster he is the Alpha of the pack. His family has lead the pack for generations. Everyone likes him but he doesn’t have a mate. Because of this he keeps getting challenged by several of the younger male wolves because it is tradition for the alpha to be challenged for his position until he finds a mate.

The problem wasn’t that we were a bunch of power hungry-mutts, but tradition was tradition, and male after male reluctantly challenged him.

Tobin is a fairly new wolf and he is kind of quite because he had a little problem with sex. It is his 18th birthday and he is having his birthday in Fosters house. Both men are at the party in a basement in the pack house. During the party the people decided to play truth or dare. During Tobin’s Turn he picked dare and his dare was to kiss Alpha Foster…It gets nice and steamy from there.

Why do I like it? It’s quick and sexy. The angst is so little you miss it, and it is sweet what more can I ask for? It is also a older alpha wolf romance.  Plus did I mention it’s only 16 pages and it’s FREE!  What is your favorite short and steamy shifter read?  Leave a comment below. Until Next Time.


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