Of cheerleaders and gingers

Of cheerleaders and gingers by K.C Beaumont

Now this is not something that I would just sit and read. Well because cheerleaders. But I am so glad that I actually took the time to read this. I really need to stop being a title and a cover snob. I have been proven wrong on more than one occasion. So here is the Blurb:

When Red isn’t studying for his master’s degree or working the nine-to-five, he’s playing video games and avoiding his best friend’s younger brother. That last one is kind of difficult since Red, his best friend, and her younger brother, Jimmy, all share the same house. Jimmy is a little on the hyperactive side, a lot on the attractive side, and annoyingly straight.

Isn’t he?

This tale is chock full of frosty shenanigans, cheerleaders, and hyperactivity (and smut, because why not?)

After I read that I knew I had to give it a try cover snob or not I mean come on hyperactive younger brother? Has weird written all over it and I love me weird and kinky things.

So in this book we have red he works goes to school and plays video games that sums up his life to a t. He lives in a house with his best friend Alysia and her brother Jimmy. Red and Alysia have been best friends for years and have been through everything together break ups, jail, snow penises you know the usual things. Alysia and her brother jimmy are cheerleaders. Jimmy just graduated from high school and is living with them. The cool thing about him is he cant sit still for one second. Red has had the hot’s for Jimmy for awhile but hasn’t told his best friend because, one Jimmy is really young and he feels like a creeper and two, Jimmy is Jimmy.

They have a new years eve party in which Jimmy finds out that Red has been harboring some major feelings for him and bam. Hot Cheerleader and Ginger sex. We even get some of this;

Yes we do!

I LOOOOOOOVE this book. I find Myself reading it over and over again. Jimmy is hilarious and Red is perfect for him. In my mind I see them being together forever. HEY! don’t judge my book dreams. Anyway this book definitely gets a 5 from me for all around awesomeness. Until next time.

Angst: Low/moderate

Sex: Smutty

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