Gotta Start Somewhere

Gotta Start Somewhere by Bronwyn Heeley

So I have a love hate relationship with this book. I really love it I do, because it is just so cute and fluffy. Well to me it is. I mean, this book I guess I could see others not really liking it much but I loved it. Anyway, Why the love hate relationship. There is this one line in this book that kills it for me. I mean it haunts my dreams after I read it . I tried to delete the sentence from my kindle when I read it . Did you know you couldn’t do that ugh. It is horrible. WHY? is this sentence in this cute book. I’m not going to tell you the sentence until I tell you about the book. HAHA.

Sean has always been a big boy, hairy, manly, but that’s what’s on the outside.

For the men who just want Sean for his body, it was not what was on the inside that mattered: it was the outside package that counted most.
Set up by his mates, Sean entered the horrors of a nightclub but he soon realizes it could be the best lost bet of his life.

James and his long-term partner have finally broken up, and suddenly all James can think about is going for the man he’s wanted since their first meeting.
But does James want him for Sean or to make himself better after a breakup?

So we have Sean a big bear yes all hairy and tall. But very sweaty.

Visual fantasy. Hey don’t judge I can lust if I want. I’m sure that’s what the author wanted me to do. I hope.

Sean is in the club because of a bet that he lost wearing an outfit that he wouldn’t wear any other time. Minus a top hat. I would have loved the top hat by the way. There is a guy in there group of friends named James that Sean has had a crush on for some time now but he is dating a guy named Chris who is a “twink” and a jerk.

James has liked Sean for a very long time. He flirts with Sean like crazy but Sean thinks that he is just overly nice. So eventually these two have a talk of sorts and then come together. Without telling you the entire story because it is extremely short. James and his boyfriend were no longer together but low and behold his boyfriend was very hairy. And here is the Line that keeps me up at night:

“it was so thick-thicker than yours,” he huffed a laugh lost in memory. ” So thick a fly would get caught and die.”

I don’t know about you guys but REALLY? Hairy guys don’t bother me but ewwwwwwww. That visual killed the whole book. I know ” Drama Queen” so what I’m allowed. Anyway even with the sentence from hell I gave this a 3.5. The book is cute and sexy. Its short and sweet. The best part is it is FREE on amazon right now RUN and download it. Until next time.

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