A Marked Man

A Marked Man by Sandrin GasQ-Dion


Mateo Esposito loves his job. Hired assassin for the U.S. Government, he takes lives and he kicks ass with no mercy.When a job lands in his lap that’s just not quite right, Mateo finds himself questioning for the first time in his career. Who would have known he’d be undone by a purple hippo…

Riley Flynn is CEO of Flynn Electronics. Deep in his closet, Riley wonders what it would feel like to be with a man. When his path crosses with Mateo’s, their lives will never be the same.

Because Riley is Mateo’s next target…….


So we have Mateo, an assassin sent to take out his next target, the CEO of Flynn electronics. Mateo is ex military and still kind of works for a branch of the government that has no rules. He is gay and out and proud. While watching his target he notices that he isn’t anything like the mark that is described to him. He also realizes that he is very attracted to Riley. Someone else tries to kill Riley and Mateo has to take him to safety and they get to know one another.

Riley Flynn is a very confused and very determined man. He has taken over his fathers company and is doing a very good job. Riley was given the best education and grooming while growing up. What he wasn’t given was fun and companionship. When he met Mateo he learned that he was there to kill him. He also learned that he was enamored with him. They fall into a relationship that is confusing and strange and yet you cant stop reading.

One thing about Mateo is that he was in the closet in the military and he refuses to go back. Riley was never able to really get a chance to explore that side of his sexuality and he is scared. The two have to find a compromise.

The Sex is steeeeeaaaaamy. Yes it is. Mateo is all Alpha and growly but he is also a very sweet and compassionate lover. Pretty much I wanted to be Riley. Except with all my girly parts, LOL. Riley was no starfish though he gave as good as he took. Especially in the back room. OMG!

What I loved the most? Mateo winning the big purple stuffed animal for Riley. How sweet. I mean it really is cuteness overload. How many times have you been out and wished you were that person that got that teddy bear? I know I have been. Anyway. I also like the childlike ways of Riley, he never had that growing up and he needed some one like Mateo to help him find and not be bothered by his inner child. So to speak.

What bugged me. The name of the book is A Marked Man (Assassin/Shifter #1) right? Where the heck are the shifters? There are assassins but no shifters. Don’t get me wrong I like it but no shifters and I LOVE SHIFTERS! So my rating for this is a 3.5. Until Next time.

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