Harry Potter

So I had to write this post because as I sit here with my family and I watch this Harry potter marathon, which we love by the way. I realize that in watching this that I am one of those people. You know those people? The people that see a movie and don’t read the book. I admit that I did try to read the book. Reading it was just more a chore than an escape for me. I cant say that it was a horrible read because it might have been the timing. Have you ever read a book and it was at the wrong time? you thought that it was horrible and when you came back to it, it was the best thing that you ever read in you entire life? Well that might be the Harry Potter books for me. Just cant get into them. Really don’t know why. I absolutely LOVE the movies. I can usually read the books of the movies that I have read with the exception of the twilight series. *hides in corner* I know, I know everyone loves these I just cant. What is wrong with me? Maybe if I did it in a buddy read? You know what? That’s what I’m gonna do. Anyone want to do a buddy read with me let me know in the comments below. Until next time.

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