F*cuker by Amo Jones

Have I Said How much I loved this lady? I might not have gushed enough. She is amazing. I have only read two books before this and now she is an absolute auto buy for me. I mean this was GOOD. Before I go on to much.

Ryker Oakley only cared about three things during school —fighting, his band, and getting laid. When he took it upon himself to ‘babysit’ Bryleigh Munroe, he didn’t expect her to be so much trouble, and he sure as shit wasn’t prepared for how fast she would grow on him. Fast-forward to eight years later, his band—Twisted Transistor—is the most successful rock group known to mankind. When his brother’s wedding brings the only girl he ever came close to caring about back into his life, he discovers something he thought they had left behind in the past, had been destroying her daily.
Bryleigh Munroe was a popular girl at school, but because her father was a politically powerful man in the San Diego region, the boys either swore away from her or were trying too hard to get with her. She wanted one night. Quick and dirty. No strings. Only she didn’t expect Ryker Oakley to flip the script on her without her even realizing. Eight years later, Bryleigh still battles with the mistakes she made when she was younger. She’s had to deal with things that she shouldn’t have had to, all on her own.
After all this time has their bond remained silent? Can she forgive the torment Ryker inflicted on her? Or will the choices they made all those years ago force them to re-unite.

So we have the sexy Ryker Oakley. I mean if there was ever a man describe that was more my type I don’t know who the hell that man is. Picture this guy with more tats and piercings, including the tongue. Yum. So Ryker has an identical twin by the name of Ryder. Don’t you just love those names? Anyway, Ryker and Ryder have had a bad time in life and were adopted by their aunt. While they were teenagers they were taken under the wing of Victor . He helped them with basketball and became like a sort of father figure to them. He also happened to be Bryleigh’s father.

Bryleigh Muroe is looking to lose her virginity. With her best friend Indie, who happens to be sort of slutty. The only problem is she wants no strings attached. Ryker would be the perfect person for this except for the fact that when she sees him she has some sort of feelings for him that she doesn’t like.

Ryker has his sites set on Byyleigh and he gets what he wants ALWAYS. They eventually have a night of passion and boy was it. WHY! WHY! was there no Ryker when I was 18? ugh. Anyway. So they go into a no strings relationship and the disaster starts from there. Drugs, Sex, Fighting, Death. I mean this story has it all. It even has MC’s in it, okay seriously Frost I want him like NOW! I am hoping the next book is about him and the girl he is so afraid to see.

So I gave this a 4.5. Why a 4.5 if you love it so much? well I did and I will probably read it over and over again. Because that’s the type of reader I am dammit. What bugged me was that Bryleigh and Ryker had this all consuming love so much so that she had this crazy episode and she had to move. However, every man she see’s she has a hard on for. Its weird. I mean you look at people all the time but not like that, especially when your so consumed with another person. She even flirted with his brother. I mean she was a borderline HO. He slept with a lot of women, but that was never with her and he didn’t even flirt in front of her, or think he was at least. Other than that I loved it and I highly recommend it. Until next time.

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