Learning To Howl

Learning To Howl by Jules Finley

So I received an ARC. Before I even get into this review I have to state that theses are my honest opinions. But to be honest I wouldn’t lie to you guys books are expensive and I know so I want you to get what you love and I love books so when I recommend something I really did love it. That being said.

I liked this books a lot. To be honest I was gonna give up a few times. The beginning was weird. Well I just didn’t get into it like I really like to. You know when you get a book and you sink right in. m This wasn’t like that. For me. So here’s the blurb.


Bookworm Evan Langston knows nothing of the curse , a cruel twisting of the soul that turns man into beast, but it wont be long before the curse knows him.
Its Evans first year at Corwald college and he’s ready for the challenge, but pulling the grades he needs to succeed is hard when all he thinks about is his handsome, mature biology professor, Richards. There’s an animal magnetism between them that Evan cant explain and cant escape. But how can he make his feeling a reality when Richards works for Evans father, Dr. Langston, the head of Corwalds colleges sciences department?
Biology professor John Richards is on the run from…himself
Freshly cursed and still reeling from the tragedies of the past, when John wanders into Cordwald love is the last thing on his mind. All he wants is to keep moving and keep to himself so he never endangers another life again. But when he meets quiet, timid, Evan Langston, the only man he’s not allowed to have, Johns priorities change. He must have Evan no matter what, even if it means going against the will of the Corwald pack.
Forbidden love wont keep Evan and John from one another, but will Johns secrets destroy the love they share?
Dark shadows lurk in Johns wake the likes Evan has never seen, shadows he might not be able to survive. Can an unshakable love overcome what threatens to end the both of them? or is a relationship rooted In what cannot be bound to leave them both broken?
Or worse.

So we have John he is a newly turned wolf. Apparently either you are born or you are cursed by a witch. John was cursed by a witch named Alex. We’ll get to him later. So John is looking to get away from humans because of his new bloodlust and finds another wolf that introduces him to the alpha. The alpha accepts him into the pack. He was a graduate student before his change and he got a job as a professor in the science department at the college. While there he finds his mate. That is usually great news. But his mate is a student and the son of the pack alpha.

Evan is a 19 year old college student struggling to get good grades. He is trying his best to do what his father wants him to do which is become a scientist or a doctor. It isn’t working he is terrible at it the only good thing is that he gets to see professor Johnson on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To bad he doesn’t know how to talk to people especially attractive people.

John and Evan are like a beacon they cant be with out each other and they try. But the alpha forbids it. They are really hard on John. I could not stand the fact that Evan didn’t really stand up like he should have. What were they gonna do eat him? He could have stood up said hey this is my man I don’t care what you want. But he didn’t he took the cowards way out EVERY SINGLE TIME! Evan bothered me for this I couldn’t stand that. John on the other hand nope broken bones almost ripped apart he didn’t care. That was his man he was fighting for it.

Now on to Alex. Alex was Johns boyfriend they lived together. Apparently Alex is a witch. He is also a narcissistic jerk. For some reason he felt that he wanted to make the man that loved him into a wolf so he could be his “puppy”. Plus

Who would want to be with him. His actions were inexcusable. I didn’t get why he wanted to get John back it made no sense.

So I liked the other characters the mother Barret was…well written. I didn’t like her attitude. Your a mother for crying out loud think of your son you idiot. The father was cold and unfeeling. And why the heck didn’t we find out if Evan ever met Jessica? I would have loved to see that blow up.

The sex. Ummmmm it was really good. I think I skipped some. Not in a bad way. It was well written its just that I wanted to know what was happening in the story and some of the sex scenes are kind of long. I like that sometimes but that’s when the story has no real story line this did and I REALLY needed to know what happened next.

One question I would like to know is will X be getting a book? that would be lovely I love demon books. Hint Hint

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