Cruel To Be Kind by Kim Dare

So we have bestfriends and business partners. One who happens to be a vampire.  Swoon. So as you can see there is no blurb for this one in particular, this short novella is part of the love landscapes.  If you aren’t familiar with that program it is where readers can put in a short about what they would like a photo to be about.  Any author or author novice can pick it up.

Here is the photo and short for cruel to be kind:

cruel to be kindDear Author,

I would like a TPE tale. I’d like the characters to have some depth and this lovely boy looks to be a bit melancholy about something. I LOVE angst! There isn’t much on the BDSM spectrum that I don’t enjoy, but I beg of you no scat. I’m not picky about the setting-dystopian, paranormal, contemporary, tentacles whatever.

Blow my mind please. 🙂




So the author that chose to pick up this particular short was Kim Dare and man am I happy for that.  She is AMAMZING! So what did she do with it.  She created Xander and Malone a friends to lovers vampire romance.  Xander has wanted to be with Malone forever he is a submissive.  From the time that they have met, up until now he has been letting Malone make all the decisions for him.  Including what tattoos he gets to put on his body.  Xanders is perfectly fine with this in fact this is what he needs and wants in his life .  He just needs for Malone to get with the program and take it to the next step. Sexual.

Malone is a vampire.  Apparently vampires are HORRIBLE to their pets.  He loves Xander and has for a long time.  His parents were terrible to one another and he has never seen a good vampire couple and he doesn’t want to do that to Xander.

One night Xander auctions himself to other vampires in the hopes of getting Malone’s attention.  Malone’s is furious but gives him 24 hours to proves that he doesn’t want to be with him. Malone has to prove to Xander that he is so cruel that he wont want to be his submissive.  Xander has to prove to Malone that he is the best submissive ever. This is a great story because it is a friends to lovers but with a vampires twist.  How freaking cool is that? Plus you get to read this for free and still enjoy all the kinky goodness that is Malone. I give this a solid 5. If you get a chance to read it tell me what you think in the comments below. Until Next Time.




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