Trailer Park Virgin

Trailer Park Virgin by Alexa Riley


Rick’s been raising little Gracie for the past five years. She even calls him Daddy, but recently things have started to change, and that name has started to have a whole different feel to it.

Ty’s lived with Rick since he lost his parents in a car accident. Then Gracie came into their lives and the world seemed to light up, but the brotherly feelings he once had are now long forgotten as little Gracie has turned into a woman.

Gracie doesn’t know what to do with her feelings for Rick and Ty: the two men who once felt like a father and brother to her. They’ve been her whole world since her mom skipped town, leaving her all alone in a trailer park. But something has to change. She wants them both, and she’ll have them one way or another.


I don’t know if I loved this or if I was weirded out. I do know that I needed a cold shower after this 😋. However, it was short and not a lot of information was given. I Think a little background on Gracie or a little more rather would have been greatly appreciated.  Ty “the brother” was also kind of just brushed over as if we knew him. Why is this older single man named Rick taking in so many wayward children? I don’t know I guess I’m just inquisitive.

So we have Gracie that was taken in and has now reached the age of 18. Rick and Ty have began to see her as something other than family. She started to encourage this behavior by walking around in t-shirts with no bra. Rick notices first and he makes his move. Ty gets her second which I found was like a game of ping pong ball. She went back and fourth and back and fourth.

“Sorry, Dad. I’ve got to go into the factory early today. Mind if I go first so I’m not Late?”

“Sure. Just make it quick.”  Ty walks over and lifts her off my cock.

Did I love it? no the story line was weak and the character development just wasn’t there. But you know what it got me hot and bothered and that was the point.  I hope. Not to really engage me in this sordid tale of taboo love, with daddy kink. It is a quick read in the bathtub, bus, or in the car ( not driving). I gave this a 3 for the smuttiness, and it was smutty. Until Next Time.


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