My New Step-dad

My new Step-dad by Alexa Riley



I shouldn’t want him, but I do.

I’ve got one week to get through until my mother’s estate clears, and then I’ll be free to go.

All I’ve got to do is keep my hands off my new step-dad, Bruce. But that’s easier said than done.

I shouldn’t want her, but I do.

I can’t remember the last time I touched a woman. Heck, I can’t remember the last time I touched myself. But ever since little Sophie showed up, I can’t think of anything but claiming her.


So I think I may have to get a couple more Alexa Riley books.  I think she might be the straight author version of Kim Dare, Who I LOVE.  What do I mean?  When I first started to read Kim Dares books I didn’t really like them and the more I read the more I liked them.  I just realized that was her style. Alexa is like that.

So we have Bruce the step-dad.  His “wife” died and he is now going to be housing her 18 year old daughter.  He married his friend from work so that they could both move up, not for love.  She was a very busy lady and had little time for a social life.  They both understood each other.  He had no Idea that she had a teenage daughter.

Sophie the daughter hadn’t seen her mom in years.  She had been in boarding school and has graduated.  Sophie was unaware that her mother was married and thought that Bruce was old.  When she met him she was instantly attracted to him.  The thing about Sophie is that she has been sheltered for most if not all of her life so when they meet she does things that she shouldn’t be doing.

I’m standing in front of the fridge in nothing but a small tank top, tiny white panties, and my freaking knee-high socks.

“Where the fuck are your pants?” Glancing over my shoulder, I see dark green eyes on my ass.

The attraction between the two is instant Bruce tries to fight it.  He doesn’t want to loose the respect he has at his job.  I loved this because Sophie was innocent and she really was oblivious at first to her sexiness.  She hadn’t been around boys so she really didn’t know how to act.  Bruce even thought he tries his best to be this aloof man he cant stay away from Sophie he falls for her way too soon. I give this a 3.5,  Alexa Riley can sure write some good sex scenes. Until Next time.

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