Geek Bearing Gifts

Geek Bearing Gift by Milly Taiden


Nita Islas wants to find love. She’s tired of the superficial relationships and is ready to give true romance a try. She uses the Paranormal Dating Agency and hopes they can help her where all others have failed. What she didn’t expect was to find her date flat on his back in nothing more than a towel.

Ky Stone has been in love with curvy and funny Nita since they were in High School. When she moved away, she took his heart with her. Then one day Ky wakes up to find her leaning over him. He’s sure he’s died and gone to heaven. He has no idea what she’s doing there, but he’s sure as hell not letting her leave.

Fate, meddling family and the PDA have brought them together again. The chemistry between them is explosive. But there’s problems with Ky’s neighboring clan and he’s keeping secrets from Nita. He needs to find a way to open up to her or lies and unexpected danger could tear them apart…forever.


Nita is the spunky cousin of Talia from the previous book.  She is another girl who is curvy and loves her curves in spite of what others may think.

Nita is looking for love.  She keeps ending up with losers and she wants someone to grow old with and have some babies.  Nita wants the real deal and she knows that Gerri will be the one to help.  She doesn’t have any problem with shifters, she had a best friend in high school named KY, a bear shifter. When she was younger she had to move away and never saw him again.

Ky is a bear, the chief bear.  He already knows who his mate is. However, he has too find her or a new mate soon and produce a cub before its too late.   He was set up by his sister and was surprised to see Nita there .  She didn’t recognize him because he is big and muscular not scrawny anymore.  He introduced himself as Kyler and not Ky and they went on from there.

Nita got on my nerves a little with the ” men don’t like my curves” thing.  What does this “curves” thing mean again? is she skinny with a butt?  look at the cover. I also didn’t like that she was upset at Ky for no reason at all.  It seems to me that these women want something but when they get it they throw it away for nothing. I loved Ky he was sweat and caring.  He was still the teenage boy under all that bulk, just as shy and intimidated.

I’m really not getting  down on the book I actually think the whole premise is awesome BBW meets shifter. I really do enjoy reading about a curvy heroine.  The sex is AMAZING!  The story line is really good.  I actually read a couple of others in this series until I had to stop. I give this a 3. Until Next Time.

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