Paranormal Dating Agency Volume 2

PDA Volume 2 by Milly Taiden

Kindle unlimited didn’t have the next book on its list so I got the box set.  I’ll Review them one by one.

Tall, Dark and Panther

MaTall Dark and Panther ya Zara is a curvy woman sick and tired of men who think she should settle. She loves her curves and wants to find someone who will love them too. When she meets Gerri Wilder and signs up for a date with a shifter, Maya has no idea what’s in store for her.

Noah Wright has had the hots for his curvy neighbor for months. Too bad she’s got a boyfriend. When he allows Gerri to set him up on a date, he never expected for her to get him the woman he and his panther have lusted after.

A stalking ex and a crazy family make Maya’s life a living hell. Both will try to tear them apart. She’ll have to figure out what she wants with Noah before losing a chance at love with the lonely panther.

Maya is looking for love in all the wrong places.  She is going out on dates with men who are jerks and some that are just plain weird.  She is a curvy girl and she loves it. Maya just wants someone to love her for her.  She meets Gerri and signs up for her services.

Noah is Mayas next door neighbor and her mate.  He has know this since he first meet her but she had a boyfriend. He watches her sometimes and he loves the way she looks and dances. Maya never even realizes he notices her.

This book had pretty much the same premise as the others. In my opinion Noah is a very sexy character because he is a game developer.  She mixed it up a bit in this one by making the male hero a game developer instead of a business man or a alpha. The family troubles also gave it a new dynamic which was surprising and upsetting.  Her trouble with her family pissed me off . That mother, Ugh.   I gave this a 3.5.


The Alion King

Isabella Barca is great at organizing—not so great at keeping her nose out of trouble. When Bella goes to work as Mrs. Wilder’s assistant, the opportunity of a lifetime pops up: travel with Gerri to another planet, a shifter planet, and help Gerri find a lion king his mate. Alion King

Alyx Treyvaal isn’t known for being patient. A lion doesn’t ask for help. A lion doesn’t apologize. And he most certainly does not purr. But once he meets Bella, he finds himself doing all of the above…except for purring. He will not purr.

With wolves stirring all kinds of trouble for them and a cousin who would like to shred Bella to ribbons, things are not simple for the couple. Not at all. One thing’s for sure, when his mate is taken and threatened, the entire planet will hear the lion king’s roar.

Gerri needs an assistant because her agency is growing.  She hires Bella.  Bella is also a curvy girl and is single but is conveniently very happy with her size.  She is also way too much of a jerk if you ask me.  But that’s just me.

We find out in this one that shifters are actually from another planet and the shifters on earth are just decedents.  The king on that planet whose name is Alyx is looking for his mate.  He needs Gerris help but has refused her many times before.  Gerri decides to come and brings her assistant. I liked the whole alien shifter twist.

When Alyx and Bella meet she is in the library and he scares her.  Instead of just saying don’t sneak up on me she turns into a ragging bitch.  Her attitude was over bored and didn’t come off as strong.  He for some strange reason loved this.  He knew this was his mate.  Alyx didn’t want her to know he was the king so he told her his childhood name Trey.  The whole time they get to know each other Bella makes these little terrible comments about the king and he just takes it.  She finds out who he is and she has a temper tantrum.

I liked this one least of all.  It is no surprise to you that I don’t like the whole overly sassy woman in my books.  For some reason they just come off as being jerks and not assertive.  She was a jerk.  I gave this one a 2, because well…the sex .

There’s Snow Escape

Curvy Charlotte Marzan just got invited to visit another planet. A shifter planet where her best friend is getting married to a lion king. If that isn’t strange enough, two panty-melting hot guys are looking at this big girl like she’s a piece of cake and they haven’t had dessert in years. She shouldn’t be interested, but…girls just want to have fun, right? snow escape

Brecc and Eros need a mate before the Elders force someone on them. They’re getting desperate and in the process hire Gerri to find them a woman. She delivers curvy, outspoken, and gloriously sexy Charlotte. Now they just have to get her to stay. Forever. Simple. Not.

When Charlotte’s visit turns from cool sightseeing to getting her freak on with two shifters, things take a turn for the naughty. She needs to figure out why Brecc is so distant and why the drama with the Dragos. Things escalate to the point she has to do her own growling to be heard. She’s about to realize when two wolves choose a mate, there’s no escape.

We have another threesome.  Can you call it that since the two guys don’t get together? Um.  Charlotte is another big girl that loves her curves and is looking for a man that appreciates that. She is Bella’s best friend and is visiting her on another planet for her impending wedding.

Brecc and Eros are a pair of wolves the alpha and omega looking for their third.  They cant find one so they need Gerris help and she brings them Charlotte.  She is the one.  Charlotte is also as bad as Bella.  Ugh. I give up. She was a pain in the butt.  I’m mean she is going to the ice mountains with Brecc and Eros.  Some Dragon barges in and invites her to dragon land.  She accepts because Brecc says no.  Really?  She didn’t even know why he said no and he wasn’t saying it to her he was saying it to Viktor the dragon. Then she gets in the middle of a fight between the dragons and the wolves.


I really want to read the next book in the series because it is about a dragon and I love dragon shifters, but I think I’m going to have to pass.  The series as a whole I think I am going to have to give it a 3.  I really did love the idea of it,  I’m going to look for some more BBW shifter romances right now but I can’t continue with this one. While I did appreciate the writing and the steamy scenes.  I just cant get past the constant “I love my curves” every other page. Until Next Time.


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