Celebrate by Kim Dare


It’s not easy learning how to be a swan, but Ori Jones has worked hard to embrace a role that still doesn’t come entirely naturally to him. Now, almost a year after his first full shift, he finally feels as if he is making a difference at the Anderson nest.

Ori’s happier than he’d ever been, until a few words from his master, Raynard, suddenly bring all of Ori’s old fears rushing back to the surface.

The nest’s elders want to have a party for Ori’s birthday, but Ori can’t see any reason to celebrate in it being a year since he reached his avian maturity. After all, what’s the use in learning to be a good swan when Raynard never wanted a swan in the first place?

This was a very quick read.  I think it was more to catch up on the lives of Ori and Raynard.  The nest is preparing to celebrate Ori’s birthday.  In doing so they need to get the correct date and Raynard gave them the wrong one.  Not wanting to make waves and mess up their happiness Ori says nothing.  He is just so happy to have Raynard back that he is willing to let him be wrong and it is slowly eating away at him.  Raynard as usual doesn’t miss a beat and does everything with Ori’s best interest at heart. He knows what he is doing and just needs his submissive to trust in his master.

Raynard is still the master and is still hard and loving at the same time if that makes sense,. Ori is still submissive and amazingly sweet.  Short and sweet, it was perfect. Kim Dare couldn’t have made this series more perfect if she tried.  Her writing is fantastic and the story line is amazing.  I give it a 5.  Until Next time.

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