Intricate Love

Intricate Love by Amo Jones


Vicky Abrahams has a tendency to get herself into tricky situations. But after a crazy spring break with one of her best friends, she has a bigger situation she needs to deal with—Blake Rendon.
Blake is part of the Sinful Souls MC. He has never been interested in anything serious with any woman, until Vicky. This interest results in him taking time to figure out his feelings for her.
Is it too late once he does?
Has Vicky already moved on?
Tired of all the secrets that almost broke her, she has every reason to be upset. But under it all, there’s no one quite like Blake fucking Rendon.

Vicky is Alaina’s best friend from Perilous Love.  She is the slutty one that hooked up with EVERYONE.  Anyway she ended up with Blake one of the MC’s who at the time wanted the same thing she did, SEX.  She began to have feelings for him and then she finds out she is pregnant.

Blake is one of the MC’s.  He also happened to be in love with Vicky but for some reason he wont go there. She finds out that he was using her at first and cuts all ties with him. Blake and Vickie don’t take being apart very well.  When he sees her again she is pregnant with his child.  He wants his kid but not a relationship.

I like these two a lot even though after awhile Vicky started to get on my nerves.  She was funny in the beginning and honest.  One of the best lines in this book is:

I’m serious , Blake I’m not a ‘ride or die’ kind of chick. I have questions. Like where are we riding to? Why do I have to die? Can’t I just be a stay home-You fuck me when you want and call me later kin of chick?”

When she started to have feelings for him,  not so Much. She was down for whatever even though it was obviously hurting him.  Like having threesomes.  These are not my first Amo Jones books.  So I was so excited when Ryder showed up in this book and Phoebe and Abby who is a bit of a jerk if you ask me.  I mean really?  Ryder was something else.  I may have to read his story .

The two of them make a pretty good team.  I just think that Blake should have told her what was going on.  He didn’t give her a choice in the matter. I really didn’t understand why he couldn’t be with her but he could have her living with him?  That puzzled me.  But other than that it was really good and the smexy times was much better than the previous book. I give this a 4. Until Next Time.

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