Drunk, Blind, Stupid, Cupid

Drunk, Blind, Stupid, Cupid by Sadie Sins



An angel, a demon and a love-wary teenager walk into a cemetery…

Aiden Fisher hates Valentine’s Day with a passion saved only for holidays and annoying public displays of affection. He’s spent his teenage life trying to be as unapproachable as possible even if his cute face has heads turning. This Valentine’s Day he finds he’s failed his goal; a secret admirer wants to meet him.

Aiden has a lot of reasons to avoid love at all costs, many he can’t seem to remember when he’s approached by two foreign, beautiful boys that say they’re destined to meet. He tries to avoid the alarming feelings welling up, but when they’re attacked and he brings his new friends home, there’s nowhere to run.

Trying to hide as much of his embarrassing home life as he can from these quirky winged boys, Aiden finds himself faced with a choice. Does he wants to suffer in love or suffer alone?

This book I have such mixed feelings about so forgive me if you see that in this review as I am probably going to be all over the place . We start with Aiden who is pissed off that it is Valentines day at his school. At first glance it seems like he is jealous of the couples but then it doesn’t. He is just a surly uptight kid that hates everything in life at the moment. During one of his classrooms he is presented with a rose something that boys do not get telling him a time and a place to meet. He goes.

Gavrill is a foreign student that is in “love” with Aiden. He doesn’t know much English so he uses his “brother” to help him translate his words of love. Damian is not the nicest person in the world and isn’t really into Aiden but he is going to help Gavrill out. The meeting happens to be in a cemetery. During that time a fight happens and Aiden comes to help.

So here’s my problem. What the heck are Gavrill and Damian? I have never read a book about shifters and not been told the species. I mean REALLY? Where do they come from? What were they fighting in the cemetery? Seriously these are just a few of the questions that I have about this book. Why would you leave things like this. I think that this is a standalone so I will never get answers to these questions EVER.

What I loved. Almost everything except for what was above. It was and erotic threesome that was sort of one sided until it wasn’t. I didn’t know how I felt about that until the very end and then I absolutely loved it. Aiden and his surly attitude. I usually hate characters like that but I really like him and felt bad for him. The steam was WOW! I liked this book and didn’t at the same time I don’t know how that is possible so I am going to give it a 3. Did you read this book? If so what did you think about it? Am I missing something, is it part of a series? Let me know in the comments below. Until Next Time.

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