A Biker’s Vow

A Biker’s Vow (Campus Cravings #9) by Carol Lynne


After contracting the HIV virus bad boy biker, Kade Straus, has given up on life and love. Taken in by his ex-lover, he tries to pull himself up by the boot-straps and continue on with his solitary existence but when he meets shy college student, Lark, he’s completely thrown. Lark is nothing like his usual type, so why does he feel the overwhelming desire to get closer to the man? Lark Wilsher grew up in an open environment. He knows people think he’s a nerd, but titles mean nothing to him. He knows he’s a sensualist hidden behind wire rimmed glasses and text books. Determined to protect Lark, Kade hides his growing attraction. But he has a lot to learn about his disease and the man who’s captured his attention. Lark is more than willing take on a six-foot-four biker and fight for his love.


I have to start off by saying that I have read this series in its entirety. There are some books in this series that I would give a 4 and some that I would give a 5 but none of them would I give less that a 3.5. The series as a whole is great. This one book is my absolute favorite and I read it over and over again.

Lark is one of the MCs in the book he holds a special place in my heart because he is a sweetheart and he has diabetes. In the other books he was the quiet and really weird hippie roommate. I adored that about him plus the name lark which you come to find out is a nick name. His full name is Meadowlark so you know his parents are hippies. How adorable is that name I love it. Larks roommate Sam is dating Jace who is Kades ex boyfriend. Lark is instantly in love with Kade and he tries everything he can to get Kade to notice him.

Kade is going through a lot. A couple of years ago he found out he was HIV positive and he is not going to be the one to give it to someone else. He goes in and out of depression and he is taking it out on Jace who is living with at the moment. He has feelings for Lark who he calls “pixie” but he doesn’t want to make anything of it.

I loved this book. Carol Lynne took two illness and made them work. Kade had HIV and wasn’t willing to have a life anymore. The author made me feel his depression. How sad and lonely it must have been to think you had to live  the rest of your life without  love and affection. I was absolutely in love with the way Lark would not give up on Kade. He made sure Kade knew he wanted him and he knew what he was getting into. I loved the protectiveness that Lark had when it came towards Kade HIV or not he loved him and that was that.

“I risked my life because you are my life.”

I loved the way their relationship progressed it wasn’t instantaneous and it wasn’t too slow it was just right. I don’t think I can gush enough about this book. It is a definite keeper for me. 5 stars all around. What do you think of Lark and Kade?  Let me know in the comments below. Until Next Time.

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