R. Cooper

About the author: (via goodreads.com)

I write strange but shiny things, like steampunk spies and detectives, and pirates, and cowboys, and dragons, and fairies, firebirds, and, well honestly, even my stories set in the here and now are a little broken and weird too. Because I am a messed up weirdo and that’s who I like to write about.

I fall in love with my characters when I’m writing them, so I have a lot of self-written fanfiction about them that uh…I really have no excuse for, but oh my god how cute are they?

His website: R. Cooper live Journal

Works Reviewed:

Some Kind of Magic (Beings In Love, #1)

A Boy and His Dragon (Beings in Love #2)

A Beginner’s Guide to Wooing Your Mate (Being(s) In Love #3)

Little Wolf (Being(s) In Love #4)

A Dandelion For Tulip