About Me

I’m a mom to a beautiful crazy artistically gifted 9 year old child. I am also married to a psychotic man who has been my best friend for the better part of 13 years. So now that I’m done with the gushing. Why this blog? Well since I was about 5 I have loved to read anything I could get my hands on and at that time it was mainly fairytales. I am a sucker for an HEA and not really into a HFN because really life has enough of that. Why do I have to wonder about the characters in my books? I almost never read books where the characters don’t have a HEA and I HATE cliffhangers. Especially when the author takes 4 to 5 years to write books in between, now don’t get me wrong sometimes those are the best books but the waiting, I cant do. Now I mostly read Male/Male however I read Male/Female books as well. Really anything raunchy and freaky I’m all over it. Some of my favorite authors are Tillie Cole that girl can write a book, Sandrine Gasq-Dion and most recently Amo Jones.
So how did I start reading Male/Male? Well I was reading a book called Travis by Nicole Edwards its a ménage about a conflicted bisexual, I’ll review it on here it was my first ménage, and the next book was Ethan. Ethan changed it for me after that Male/Male was all I have been reading. So that’s Me in a nutshell Hope you enjoy my musings and rants on books I enjoy and cant stand. I’m a little wacky at times so bear with me.